LOL! But then if the twins are avid fanfic readers, they'd think him sleeping with someone called Peter wasn't surprising at all! In fact, the only surprise would be why it wasn't Harry/Draco/Hermione/Snape/Giant Squid etc. ;)
Lol, especially the absent of the Giant Squid would have been most surprising, I'm sure :D
Seriously though, how come no one discovered Peter on the map sooner..?!
Haha, I may not be particularly active on neither Twitter nor Tumblr, but I've learned the difference :D This tweet/gif combination is from Tumblr.
I didn't know it's called a tumbl, though, so apparently I've still got lots to learn about the finer points of Tumblr.

How are things? Still busy with work?

Edited at 2013-11-06 03:53 pm (UTC)
haha idk if tumbl is accurate, i was just being silly but dude...there are no fine points to tumblr. only massive amounts of feelings... who are you on tumblr i'll follow you. you might not wanna follow back though cos i mostly only blog about supernatural. lately not even that cos..

work is kicking my ass. it's good though i'm liking it still. just keeping me super fracking busy. i just worked a 13 hour shift and I gotta be there tomorrow at 9 again. luckily i have friday off so I get a nice 3 day weekend.
I'm huldrejenta on Tumblr as well.
I'd love to follow you, who are you?

I'm not all that much on Tumblr. I don't follow any fandoms that are especially active there, but I check it out every now and then and reblog stuff I like.

It's good to hear that you enjoy work, but with so long shifts you totally deserve a nice long weekend!!!
There are some really great Games entries if you feel like reading on your day off :D

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*snort* That is a truly excellent point.

Now someone has to write a fanfic to explain why the twins never got suspicious...!
Now someone has to write a fanfic to explain why the twins never got suspicious...!

Apparently there're still aspects of canon that need some exploring in fanfic :D