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RS Games wrap-up and final recs

This fest has been great!

So many wonderful entries - fics and artwork - from both teams.
I've really enjoyed being a part of rs_games

There're still some days left to check out the entries, to comment and (for non-participants) to vote!

Looking forward to next year's Games :D

Art and fic: Loam
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Image heavy! Disregards Pottermore entirely.
Word Count: ~7,300
Summary: 'Round a bend on Swanston Road, the house slips out from between the trees like it's playing hide and seek.
Why you should read this: A wonderful story and gorgeous artwork come together and create a very touching and beautiful piece. Teddy seeks out his father's story, and we get to discover it with Teddy. Sad, yet lovely!

It's the Great Pumpkin, Sirius Black!
Rating: G
Warnings: Extreme naiveté?
Word Count: ~5600
Summary: Sirius Black hears of a strange legend that no one else knows anything about. He and his friend, Remus Lupin, decide to see if it's true.
Why you should read this: This is a really sweet and well-written story where the boys are very young, very in character and quite adorable. An all-around charming read!