Drabbles for Shimotsuki (and Sirius :)) - "Celebrating with Family"

Characters: Sirius Black, Walburga Black, James Potter
Rating: G
Word Count: 2 x 100
Summary: Sirius celebrates his birthday with his family. Twice.
Notes: Let's try this again, shall we? ;))
Happy (belated) Birthday, dear shimotsuki! I hope your day was full of wonderful things (and much more similar to Sirius' birthday in the second drabble than the first one :)) ♥

When he wakes up, the starched linens make his skin itch. November greyness spreads across the room, he can sense it without opening his eyes.

He walks over to the window, glances at sticky leaves covering wet asphalt. Through a haze of hostile boredom he hears approaching footsteps, the metallic click-click-click that could only belong to Mother.

“Another new year,” she tells him. Ah, yes. It’s his birthday. “Do get dressed, Sirius. Breakfast won’t wait.” And then she leaves.

Sometimes, he dreams about the world outside of Grimmauld Place.

But today, he reaches for his robes and joins the others.

: : :

After breakfast, they step outside. It’s got colder during the night, rays of low November sunshine fight their way through the frosty mist. Sirius forces the tip of his shoe under a crust of ice and smiles when it cracks.

“Happy birthday,” says James, “old friend.”

“Old enough to enjoy the party you’ve all been secretly planning,” says Sirius.

The distant horizon is radiant, full of promises of the world beyond. Today, Sirius has no need for it. He throws an arm around James’ shoulder.

“Come on,” he says, looking for the rest of his own. “Let’s join the others.”
Ooh, I love the contrasts and the paralels between the two drabbles. Gorgeous imagery <3 Lovely job and a heartwarming ending. I really felt bad for and happy with Sirius!
These are very nice indeed! Lovely job with the imagery: he's locked away in the first, with a house and a family that don't care. The greyness of November is as depressing as the day itself. And then in the second, how very different this family and world is. This family cares a great deal, he knows they do, and this November birthday is exhilarating - love him smiling as he forces a crack in the ice.
Oh, yes, I love this theme of chosen family. And so much humor and warmth just in those couple of sentences exchanged between Sirius and James!

("Sometimes, he dreams about the world outside of Grimmauld Place" so perfectly sums up Sirius both as a teenager and when he's stuck in the house again in OotP...but let's not think about that right now!)
Oh yes, I do like that theme as well, so very much of Sirius is about the family he chooses versus the one he was born into.

Ah, him being stuck in GP both when growing up and in OotP is heartbreaking, indeed. Let's think about his happy birthdays instead right now ;)

Thank you!
Thank you so much! ♥ These are wonderful. I'm so glad you were able to overcome adversity annoyances and post these after all. :D

As unicorngirl22 says, the contrasts here are wonderful. Two kinds of family. A wish to look outwards, versus a feeling that everything he needs is already there. Two cold grey days, but one is dreary while one is fun (I love cracking ice like that, too!). I'm so glad Sirius had James and the others to be family for him. (At least for a while...)
Thank you so much, I'm really glad that you enjoyed! :) It's heartwarming to think about how Sirius' birthdays at Hogwarts must've been compared to the ones back at GP12 (and then it was time to stop before we followed him on grown-up birthdays...)
I'm glad I could post you a little something after all :D