Yay, I saw your sign-up, so nice to see you joining an R/S event! <3 It's a very nice exchange, rather relaxed and low-key :D Can't wait to see what you'll be doing <3
ohhhhhh, that art in the banner!

Tempting re gifts (accidentally wrote games, you can see what's on my mind haha) as well...


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Yeah, the art is gorgeous! We're lucky to have so many talented artists in HP fandom :D ♥

Games, gifts - you've got the pairing right, so that's the main thing, haha ;) Ooh, yes, so nice if you join! *tempting you a little bit more*
Wait, what? How do we know Sirius's birthday? Was that released on Pottermore or something?

Because November 3 is also my birthday. :) :) Good to know I'm in good company!

ETA: Oops, I should have clicked the link. Apparently this is from a recent tweet by JKR.

Me, Sirius Black, and the Emperor Meiji. (Consequently, we get a national holiday in Japan.) Party on!

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Ooh, yes, you're sharing your birthday with Sirius! And the Emperor Meiji :D (Very nice date to have a national holiday when you're in Japan :)) Good company, indeed!
I remembered you have your birthday in November, but wasn't certain about the date. Party on, I'll say!

Yes, the date is from a JKR tweet - this was information I really enjoyed getting, which isn't the case with everything :D
(Did you see that she revealed Teddy's and James Sirius' Hogwarts houses?)

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I did see that about Teddy and James -- that was from Sept 1, right? Because right now Teddy is in seventh year and James is in first. (I so should have tried for a drabble that day.)

I'm disappointed about Teddy being in Hufflepuff, though, since I put him in Ravenclaw so that everyone in his family would have been in a different House! I may just have to ignore that particular detail from JKR because I like mine better. ;P

On the other hand, apparently Teddy is Head Boy as well! (Although even there -- have you ever read fernwithy's Teddy stories? Because she makes the really excellent point that there would have been very few wizarding babies born the year he was, making Teddy's class at Hogwarts very small. I think she has Teddy as literally the only Gryffindor boy in his year. So it might not have been quite such stiff competition for Head Boy...)
I say you should feel free to keep your own headcanon :D
The trouble is, for me at least, that once I've seen JKR's thoughts about something, like for instance Teddy's House, it's a bit difficult to un-see it again, if that makes any sense.
(And now that the theatre play is said to be 19 Years Later, and about Harry & Albus, it will be even more so, and yes, I do have somewhat mixed emotions about it. But that's another discussion :))

I haven't actually read those Teddy stories, thank you for pointing them out to me! I'll be sure to check them out :)
And here I was considering not joining small gifts this year due to lack of motivation. Then I foolishly went and looked at what prompts had already been left, and some of those prompts look so tempting. Now I'm not sure what to do.
Oh yes, looking at the prompts is always a dangerous thing when one is in doubt ;)
It would be nice if you joined, I hope your motivation comes lurking back soon ♥
It's tempting. I do love how relaxed it is. My motivation seems to be having itself a little vacation in other fandoms, though, so I haven't decided if I'm going to try and corral it. Probably. I have a bad habit of not being able to say no to tempting prompts.
May the muse strike! We'd love to see you again over at small gifts. (Hope it's not rude to eavesdrop!) Maggie
I have a bad habit of not being able to say no to tempting prompts.
I can totally relate :)

What other fandoms are you doing?
I read a bit of Sherlock and Game of Thrones from time to time, but so far no fandom has captured me like HP :D
HP was my first love, and will probably always be home, but lately I haven't been as in the mood as I usually am. Right now I'm fairly evenly splitting my time between Check Please and Les Miserable, both of which have ideas that want writing and I write too slowly for that as it is.
I've read some Grantaire/Enjolras fic that I really liked, but I don't know any of those fandoms well. I'm sure it's fun to discover a new fandom and immerse yourself in it - and then visit home again :)
That is my ship over in that fandom, yes, and right now I think it has totally sailed off with my heart. Although, it does seem like it'll be more of a long luxury cruise than a one way trip.

I'm most likely giving in and signing up for small gifts. At this point I think the only reason I haven't officially committed is because I can't think of anything I want to ask for. Once I come up with a wish list I'll probably make it official. I can't quite help myself.
Thanks so much for mentioning small gifts!

You know, I normally avoid ex post facto information about the books because it limits my ficcish world, but a birthday for Sirius is oddly welcome. Somehow it helps fill him out. :) M.
You know, I normally avoid ex post facto information about the books because it limits my ficcish world, but a birthday for Sirius is oddly welcome. Somehow it helps fill him out. :) M.

That's exactly how I feel about it too, well said.

Looking forward to small gifts :)