Sirius Black Comment Fest Fills

The comment fest over at sirius_black is still running, with some really lovely fills and great prompts.

Last year's Day of the Black Dog had a lot of of wonderful submissions, and I'm sure Sirius would love to reach that number again for his comment fest :) It's all very low key and relaxed.

I've written two 100-words drabbles with Remus and Padfoot for the comment fest which are posted here (the link goes to AO3 - they're also on the comment fest itself, but I've edited them very slightly since). Very fluffy drabbles, and I'd like to write some more and turn it into a little series. If you've got some prompts for fluffy Remus and Padfoot that you'd like to share, I'd be delighted :)

Happy weekend, everyone!
How about Sirius wanting to say "sorry" to Remus for something he's done (just some everyday little thing) but he can't find the right way to do it. So he tries to do it as Padfoot :-)
Getting here two weeks later, heh, but I see the commentfest is still open until Monday! Might be able to give something a try...?

I love your idea about a series with Remus and Padfoot, and can't wait to read what you've got so far.