Fic: Brother

Title: Brother
Author: huldrejenta
Characters & Pairings: Sirius Black, James Potter, James/Sirius (implied James/Lily, no infidelity)
Rating & Warnings: R
Word Count: 2660
Summary: James and Sirius travel through Europe the summer after leaving Hogwarts. It's their final evening in Paris, and Sirius sees as clearly as ever: James is his brother, and that's enough. It has to be.
Notes: Written for a prompt by gracerene on hprarefest 2015.
Thank you so much to starfishstar for beta reading! ♥

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I don't even ship these two but this fic is really really beautiful!! Sirius convinces me completely and speaks to my heart. ♥ Awesome job!!
Thank you so very much ♥ And thank you for giving the fic a chance even though it's not your usual pairing :)
(It's not mine either, but it was lots of fun trying to write these two!)