Sign-ups are open at RS-Games

Banner Art by: ithinktsdashing

For more info on the games, this year's theme and timeline, click on the banner above!

Sign-ups are open at rs_games! This is such a fun event to be a part of, so go and sign up :)

If you need any further encouragement to get into Remus/Sirius mood, take a look at this fabulous drawing that dustmouth made for my prompt "R & S flying together".
Join in!

I'M EXCITED! And I can't WAIT to see what you come up with this year--it's gonna be a blast. ♥

(Absolutely everything about that art just made my heart skip a good few beats, I legit clutched my chest and everything. Gosh.)
Yeah, I'm really looking forward to this ♥
I can't wait to see what I'll write this year either, haha, as in I have absolutely no idea yet ;)
Your stories are always among my favourites in any event to join, and I'm so excited that we get more of your wonderful R/S this year!

Yes, that art is the best. dustmouth is so incredibly talented and I love her work to bits :)
Oh my goodness, I'm so excited for this!!! And to see what you come up with. I loved your piece from last years, so I'm looking forward to more from you! :)

Also, that art is just adorable!!!
I'm excited too! It's going to be so much fun :)
I absolutely loved your work last year, and I'm so happy that you're joining this year as well! <3

Yes, that art is wonderful :D
That art is beyond lovely :D

Why indeed?! :) I'm glad you're here now, though, and there will be another chance at joining the Games next year :) (I hope)
Oh, and before that there's rs_small_gifts, and I'm making plans for a Marauder fest next year:D
dustmouth was right, now that you've outed yourself as an R/S shipper we're not letting you go, haha :)