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Thank you!


I was really happy to see this, thank you so much to the kind person who nominated me and to anyone who took the time to vote ♥

It's been a hectic couple of days with sick kids and generally not feeling the best, so this was very much appreciated!

In other news (well, it's probably most newsworthy to myself) I'm going to try podficcing! *am excited* Maybe that can be my "try a new thing" from the Snowflake Challenge that I never got back to :)
Congratulations, darling! That's wonderful. :D

And podficing! I can't wait. <33
Thank you, it was a very nice surprise :)

I hope podficcing will turn out okay, I'm looking forward to trying it :)
Thank you!!

Ah, love your icon♥ - and as it happens I love the fic I'll try my recording skills on first as well :) I hope I'll be able to do it justice :)

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Thank you!

And I hope you're right about podficcing, I really appreciate you saying that. It's a little scary to try (and hopefully fun :))
Thank you, it was a very nice surprise :)

I'm excited (and a little nervous) about podficcing - it's fun to try something new :)
CONGRATULATIONS! How lovely--your Frank/Alice was so wonderful! ♥

Also excited to hear that you're getting into podfic! I can't wait to see what you do with it.
Thank you ♥
I saw you did great in the R/S category, congratulations, I'm not surprised :)

For now it's one story I'll try on the podfic front, hopefully it'll be okay :)
!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD, I'm a terrible person, I had no idea I was even nominated for something until this very moment! And here I thought I had pingbacks or whatever enabled; my LJ-literacy continues to deteriorate. Thank you so much for letting me know--and now that I do know all about this, I can nominate people in the next round!

Congrats again, and thank you again, gosh, and I hope everyone's feeling better! :-) It's just that time of year when absolutely everything is going around.
I don't think you were the only person who didn't know they were nominated :) In previous rounds, I think the people over at the hpfanficfandom awards notified everyone who were nominated, but for some reason that doesn't seem to have happened this round.

Anyway, I'm so glad you saw it now - that award is totally yours and so much deserved!!!
Hope all are feeling better. And Very, Very Well Done, that's lovely news for you. <3
We're doing a little better now :) Thank you!

And thanks so much, your wonderful advice helped me making this little fic better ♥
Congratulations on the award!! No doubt it is more than well deserved :D

And is it creepy and weird that I really want you to do podfic so I know what you sounds like? URGH that really is, isn't it. I'm sorry, not sorry haha
Thank you ♥

Haha, no, I don't think that's creepy at all, it's always a lot of fun getting to hear people's voices. It really makes you feel like you know that person better :)
(I did the voice meme, though it's awkward and not very well prepared, I'm afraid...)
So sorry for the late reply!

Podfic is an audio recording of fanfiction, read out loud and then posted so that others can listen to it.

You can search for podfic on for instance Archive of Our Own (where I found this: - I haven't listened to it, but I thought you might find the story interesting :)),
or here at LiveJournal. I'm just starting to dip my toes into podfic land, so I don't know very much about it yet.