January 11th, 2016

blue shadow

I've got the best gifts! <3

The holiday fests have, for the most part, come and gone, and I'm so thrilled by all the wonderful gifts I was so lucky to receive!

First, I got wonderful, wonderful art by citrus_lime for hd_erised
I was so surprised and happy when I saw this, because I hadn't really expected to get an Erised gift as a pinch hitter. And what an amazing gift it is! It's a perfect "lazy morning (with lazy sex)" scene, so warm and sexy and full of love between Harry and Draco, and I love this to tiny little pieces ♥
Late by citrus_lime
Rating: Hard R
Summary: You're naked, I'm naked. We're both late to work. Let's have another round?

My gift at this year's rs_small_gifts was an amazing get-together fic with two of my favourite wizards. This fic is sweet, funny, hot and it's full of wonderful Marauder-era warmth and excitement. It's a fic that makes me so happy, and I adore it ♥
An Occasion for Firewhiskey by hastendown
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1700
Summary: “Say, gentlemen. Whatever where you doing in the middle of the fourth floor corridor at this hour?”

And then my owl came flying with gifts from hd_owlpost.
I got the best gifts, so diverse, and so wonderful.

fantasyfiend09 gave me beta reading, and I can now reveal that she beta read my fic for hd_erised, doing an absolutely wonderful job with it! Thank you so much ♥

create_serenity gave me podfic, and I love it so much! I've never had someone creating a podfic for anything I've written before, and it was such a thrill hearing it. I adore the new layers that create_serenity added and the new life that came to the words, it was almost like I had never read (let alone written) these words before. Lovely! ♥
The Journey
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Three relationships in three hundred words.
Pairings: Harry/Draco, Draco/Astoria, Harry/Ginny
Link to fic

And finally, I got an adorable fic by currently anon, where Harry and Draco bump into each other at various weddings. This fic gave me such happy feels. It's so much fun, and it's all kinds of sweet and absolutely lovely in every way!
Four Wedding and a Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake
Rating: Soft M
Word Count: 4,000
Summary: It takes four weddings and a triple chocolate fudge cake for Harry and Draco to get there, but they do. In the end. Finally.

Thank you so much to everyone - your gifts have given me so much joy, and I really appreciate it! I love them all ♥ ♥ ♥