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Snowflake Challenge, Day 6 - Recs from R/S Small Gifts

Day 6

In your own space, create a fanwork. A drabble, a ficlet, a podfic, or an icon, art or meta or a rec list. A picspam. Something.

I feel like I'm cheating a little bit today, since I've been meaning to post a rec list from rs_small_gifts anyway. But I'll take this as a kick to the behind and actually get the rec list posted :)

rs_small_gifts is such a lovely fest, and I strongly recommend having a look at the masterlist - the art is wonderful, and the stories are all great, and for the most part quick (and lovely) reads. I had a really hard time picking my favourites, because I love them all.


In Our Winter Wonderland by abyss_valkyrie
Rating: T
Art medium: pencil+digital
Summary: On one snowy winter during the Christmas holidays, Padfoot and Moony decide to slip away under the invisibility cloak. It's not like SIrius wants much, a cuddle or a kiss among other things. Really.
Why I love this: There's snow, there's a dreamlike atmosphere, there are wonderful colours, and the whole thing is warm and fluffy and beautiful.

How Sirius Always Wins by chibitoaster
Rating: PG
Contents or warnings: none
Medium: watercolor and ink
Summary: Imagine an old, bickering couple. And now imagine a warm-hearted and loyal prat who, after each argument about something trivial, manages to win with one easy move.
Why I love this: The style, colouring and details are wonderful. Also, it has Remus and Sirius growing old together ♥

Shades of Teddy by dustmouth
Rating: G
Contents or warnings (highlight to view): *An inability to settle on one hair colour*
Image count: 10!
Summary: Various scenes from the Black- Lupin household.
Why I love this: I suppose I could just say "It's art by dustmouth" and leave it at that :) Like the summary says, we're invited to view various scenes from the lives of Remus, Sirius and Teddy, and each scene is more heart-warming than the next. This is a wonderful look at how they build their family, and it's just perfect. Perfect, I tell you!


The Promise of Sausage by brighty18
Rating: PG-13/R for swearing and sexual references
Contents or warnings (highlight to view): This story will NOT work well in plain text; in fact it might make no sense whatsoever.* Swearing, culinary references to the male anatomy, and deliberately bad fanfiction.*
Word count: About 3,000
Summary: Not every evening goes as planned - especially when it's hijacked by forces out of one's control.
Why I love this: I was the lucky recipient of this hilarious, clever and creative gift ♥ This is gently poking fun at some of the pitfalls one might fall into while writing fanfiction, and I giggled my way through this. The cast is perfect, featuring Minerva in a role I've never envisioned, and Remus and Sirius struggle to make sense of their days. And! There's a knitting Dumbledore :)

Let Nothing You Dismay by cevennes
Rating: R
Contents or warnings (highlight to view): *Sex, language, some discussion of homophobia*
Word count: 19,000
Summary: There are a few things Sirius really didn't count on for Christmas of 1979. The extreme sexual confusion is one of them; Remus Lupin is approximately seventy-eight of the rest.
Why I love this: This fic has some seriously wonderful writing, it's so lush, and the descriptions are truly gorgeous. Add characters that come to life in the best of ways on the screen, wonderful discussions and ponderings and a desire to define who you are and how to define your sexuality that rings very true, and you end up with a stunning fic that remains lighthearted, yet poignant, all the way through. Gorgeous!

And Somewhere They're Dancing the Night Away Madly by grandilloquism
Rating: PG
Contents or warnings (highlight to view): *mentions of smoking, mildly intoxicated snogging*
Word count: 1050
Summary: A little dancing in the street at midnight, and a first kiss.
Why I love this: Such a vivid and well-written fic, it's sweet without being too sweet, and the dialogue is perfect!

Those Who Thrive When Days Are Bleak by liseuse
Rating: PG13, but only because of the swearing.
Contents or warnings (highlight to view): None
Word count: 2,050
Summary: The older you get, the more you're away, the less home feels like home, except in all the ways it remains home.
Why I love this: This is so moving, and very bittersweet. The prose is gorgeous, and Remus and Sirius come across as so real, with real banter and real issues and worries, and real love. This takes place during the first war, and it captures the era beautifully.

Next the Walls Were Closed on Me by lls_mutant
Rating: PG
Word count: 4800
Summary: Stuck back in his childhood home, Sirius finds ways to cope.
Why I loved this: Sirius is wonderful. Remus is wonderful. The prose is wonderful. I truly love how the author deals with Sirius back in GP12, how Sirius and Remus reconnect and how they need to discover each other again after everything. Sirius' thoughts about Remus having moved on without him are so poignant. This fic is a thing of beauty.

A Romance Story Found in the Reference Section by museinabsentia
Rating: PG-13 for some language and bad sexual references
Contents or warnings (highlight to view): *None – unless the death of a laptop bothers you*
Word count: ~4100
Summary: Non-magical AU where Remus inadvertently (and unknowingly) contributes to Sirius’ procrastination, and is also the solution. Also, known as the one where even without magic James manages to cause explosions of the glittery variety.
Why I love this: Sweet Marauder era getting-together fic of the Muggle AU variety :) It's funny and well-written and put a huge smile on my face.

Coming Home by mustntgetmy
Rating: NC-17
Contents or warnings (highlight to view): *Anal sex, blowjobs, handjobs, aggressive sex, biting, very, VERY slight bloodplay. Also, there's some angst with a happy ending.*
Word count: 3,867
Summary: Sirius goes to lie low at Lupin's, only to discover that Remus's house is actually their old house - and that there have been some unfortunate changes to the decor.
Why I love this: Hot and emotional Lie Low at Lupin's fic that balances the angst, the anxiety, the finding together again and the sex perfectly.

Celebrating With Family by mutuisanimis
Rating: PG-13
Contents or warnings (highlight to view): *racism (not a main theme), suicide mention, some swearing *
Word count: 5829
Summary: Sirius celebrates winter holidays over the years.
Why I love this: This is so fascinating and interesting. This fic features Anglo-Chinese!Sirius, and I love how we get to see his chinese heritage, how it adds layers to his characters, and still being very much Sirius. It's a quietly told story, beautiful and evocative.
I failed at small gifts this year :/ I feel bad about that.
Great timing for your rec list though. I have lots more reading time this week. My boss in taking a vacation lol:-) Which isn't the only reason I have more time :-)
There are lots of great small gifts, I could easily have added quite a few more to this list.
I hope you'll find domething you'll like, and yay for having more time to read :)

:). You are the sweetest . but yes, the works were really really amazing, each it's own kind.i still haven't read all of them but i am planning on doing so. Soon. :D.

I still giggle just thinking about that sausage fanfiction.
There were so many wonderful gifts that it was hard to narrow down my rec list :)
Your artwork is so lovely and simply had to be recced :)

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