Final recs from RS-Games!

This year's rs_games have been amazing. I'm so impressed by the diversity, by how people find new and exciting ways to tell their stories about Remus and Sirius, and by the quality of all the entries. So much great fic and art.

So despite having a lot of trouble with my own entry - on which I can elaborate a little more after reveals - it's been wonderful to be a part of this.
And the mods keep impressing me with their work :D

Some - but not all! - of my favourites from the last two weeks:

Or, a Portrait of the Mathematician as a Young Man by zambla. Fic and art.
Team: Muggle
Rating: PG
Word Count: 12,000
Summary: Historical AU. The First War was already a memory. The Second War was the shadow growing on the horizon. Remus J. Lupin, a mathematics scholar at King’s College, Cambridge, had fallen in with a set of friends who called themselves The Marauders—and at its masthead the dissolute aristocratic heir, Lord Sirius Black.
Why I loved this: This story is fabulous in more than one way. First, it's a really well done AU, a fantastic exploration of young men thinking about the big questions, their lives at Cambridge, and the twists and turns the story keeps taking. Second, and perhaps even more striking, is the atmosphere and the tone of the story, the gorgeous language and the way it mirrors the era in which the story is set, the clever observations and the wonderful dialogue. Third, the illustrations fit really well into this fic. All around fantastic work!
Excerpt: “Remus.”
“Are you happy?”
“At this moment, yes.”
“But what about out of this moment—will you be out there, with their lot—“ Sirius gestured vaguely. The sleepy sweep of his fingers, Remus thought, in the moment containing only the courtyard, the church steeples, seemed to expand until its shadow hung over all of England.
“I can’t say.”
“What are you doing after we go down? Are you staying for an MA?”
“Yes—if they’ll have me.”
“And you’ll be a fellow after, I suppose.”
“Yes—do you think me terribly dull?”
“Oh Remus. Of course I do,” Sirius said quietly, almost wistfully. When Remus regarded him he seemed faraway and at ease.

The Effect of a Kiss by chibitoaster. Art.
Team: Magic
Rating: PG (kissing)
Warnings: none. canon maybe? if that's a warning
Summary: After his encounter with the dementor, almost losing his soul, Sirius is suffering some side-effects. He sends a message to Remus to come and help him. So, Remus does.
Why I loved this: This is a very atmospheric video, where the combination of gorgeous art, a clever story and well-chosen music, creates beautiful and moving artwork where you keep discovering new details. Wonderful.

Now by youcantseeus. Fic.
Team: Muggle
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Attempted suicide
Word Count: 12,600
Summary: Sirius’s efforts to save Remus from himself might just involve moving in, raising Teddy, living Muggle, and taking a cooking class for couples. Meanwhile, Remus is quite sure that he isn’t gay, he’s not in love with Sirius, and he doesn’t need help with anything. AU in the sense that Sirius and Remus survive the war.
Why I loved this: Despite the warnings, this is a wonderfully sweet story. But it doesn't ignore the darker aspects, and the balance between the light-hearted and the serious is part of what made me love this story. The characters are very vivid, we get a very clear sense of who they are. It's also a really well-written story that flows naturally.
Excerpt: Sirius goes into the kitchen to get some champagne for a toast. When he doesn’t come back after about ten minutes, Remus follows him to find that Sirius is crying into a dish towel.
“What’s wrong?” Remus whispers.
“It’s just – it’s stupid --” Sirius says.
“What’s stupid?”
“It’s just – Prongs is going to be a grandfather.” Sirius starts crying again. Remus is overwhelmed by feelings of affection for his friend. He’d forgotten how sentimental Sirius could be sometimes.

Oceans Above & Sky Below by grandilloquism. Fic.
Team: Magic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: swearing, descriptions of food and eating, one kiss placed on a character while they are not awake and, thus, incapable of consenting
Word Count: 8000
Summary: Sirius, adrift and floundering at the advanced age of 23, rents out a mansion by the sea— as you do— in an effort to recapture his happiness. It works surprisingly well.
Why I loved this: This is just how I wish the years after Hogwarts could've been for this wonderful group of people. And the way the story is told - it completely melted me. It's fun and vibrant and clever, and the interaction between Sirius and Remus is perfect.
Excerpt: “You’re a monster,” Remus told him, taking the eggs and milk and cheeses and tucking them safely away into the cold chest.
“I had a charm on them,” he retorted. There was a feeling like blue skies and strawberries bubbling up in his chest. Reckless and indulgent. He leaned against the counter and watched as Remus began to sort through the rest of his purchases and tried to keep it from showing on his face.
“Nevertheless,” Remus said, placing tomatoes on the windowsill and turning; Sirius scrubbed a hand over his face. He grinned when Remus quirked an eyebrow at him. “Nevertheless,” he repeated himself, frowning a little with his smile, “although I, of course, know you’ve never derived any sort of satisfaction from seeing things go exactly where they belong, I hope you’ll forgive my proletariat shortcomings.”
Sirius grinned, cheerfully earnest, “I live to support your quaint working class domesticity, Moony, you know that.”

Static by dustmouth. Art.
Team: Muggle
Rating: PG
Warnings: A sad lack of bare bottoms on display.
Image Count: 53
Summary: They have begun to read the patterns in the sound of static.
Why I loved this: This is almost like a novel told in art and a few, wonderful words, and it's absolutely mindblowing. It's so poetic, and it made me feel just about every emotion there is. Loved it to pieces!

Love Kneazle by brighty18. Fic.
Team: Mods!
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Foul language, foul odors, silliness, and a little grossness
Word Count: 2650
Summary: Remus brews a desperate and dodgy potion.
Why I loved this: What a fun surprise - the mods gave us some gems as well! And this one is hilarious, where Remus goes through a lot of trouble to brew a potion for Someone Special :)
Excerpt: “What’s so hard to get?” Remus asked. “What the hell is in it?”
Fabian had laughed aloud. “Boomslang skin, lacewing flies, dried kneazle semen, mashed…
“DRIED WHAT?” Remus had squeaked, deathly embarrassed at his own adolescent screeching.
“Kneazle semen,” Fabian replied calmly. “That’s the illegal part. It’s really hard to get, see, because, in order to extract it from the kneazle, you have to squeeze it by its…”
“CAN’T YOU JUST BUY IT?” asked Remus, simultaneously aware of the volume of his voice bouncing off the marble walls and his deep aversion to actually knowing how the semen was extracted from the kneazle.
“Well, yeah, but you’ve got to know the right person,” Gideon had replied darkly. “I mean, we can give you the directions, but our kneazle semen sources have dwindled rather sadly over the past few months.”
Ohh, thank you for these. I'm definitely checking them. <33
Ikr! But truth be told I was a sobbing mess at that part, so that's why I picked it. :)

I never managed to read everything from the fest v.v
Ah yes, it was a particularly lovely scene <3

I've yet to read the 40K fic - I'm going to read it at some point, but I won't be able to before reveals.

I'm so curious about who made what ;)
Yes <3

I don't think I will tbh :/ I don't have the time for longer fics atm and the summary didn't quite grab me. My ao3 marked for later list is six pages of fics longer than 10k because I can't find the time to read them v.v

Oh gosh me too! Curiosity killed the cat and everything. Every day I log on LJ and hope to see the reveals XD
The To-Read_later list keeps getting longer, I know ;)

I suppose we have to be patient a little longer, but yeah, reveals are SO MUCH FUN! <3
My to read list has fics on it from LAST YEAR. Everybody and their mother has read that H/D fic from last year with stan the beetle EXCEPT ME.
Well I'm probably not making it any easier by saying that I read Stan the beetle, that I loved it and rec it wholeheartedly. ;) It's such a "Hogwarts will always be our home" fic.

But - it's no fun starting a long fic like that if you don't have the time to really get into it!
i was in doubt whether i'd read it or not, so i actually checked - and i have! i even recced it. but i have no recollection of reading it whatsoever. <.<

Really? That's so funny - it's one I remember very well :)
But then I haven't read an enormous amount of H/D compared to some other pairings (yet), so they might be easier for me to remember.
maybe? i don't know. i love a lot of fics but they don't all stick in my memory (it's part the reason why i make recs in the first place, they're there so i won't forget the fics altogether). very few fics do, actually.
Ikr, your own recs make really great. .. er, it's getting late, and I can't remember the word for huskeliste ;)
haha yes! exactly. :D (err, i don't know... i usually translate that as to-do-list but that's not really applicable here XD)
Now I got all curious an went and checked Google translate, which came up with Bookmarks. It's not how I'd usually translate it, but it fits here :D
More tempting recs! I'll know if I want something fun to read, that I should come browsing on your LJ. :)