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Rectober #3

I haven't quite posted for Rectober once a week as was my goal, but for my last post I have a lot of recs :)

I'm reccing fics & art from some of the many wonderful fests that are posting/are just finished posting, as well as a few fics not posted in a fest.

I haven't read everything from these events - I'm rather far behind in some of them - so I'll probably be missing a few gems.

I'll be making one final rec post from rs_games once I've caught up on everything there!

The reveals have been posted at hp_silencio, and there were so many creative ways people write without using dialogue.

I've already recced The Deeds And Sufferings of Light by teddyradiator here.

A few other favourites (of many):

A Fejedelem by nathalieweasley. Fic.
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1069
Summary: There is the line between them, the one Albus cannot cross and the one Gellert does not see.
Why you should read this: This is a very intense and wonderfully written fic, and I love the way it switches from Albus visiting Gellert and a few scenes taking place in the past. The ending blew me away.
Excerpt: Albus visits Nurmengard the one time. He has been there before, obviously, to set the wards, but this visit is the one true – visit. He runs his fingers along the cool stones of the prison, the power of his wards radiating through him, warm and heavy. But now, unlike when he first set them up, there is a twist in them. Another power is wrapped around his own, sharp and tangy, the mixture enticing and thrilling, yet somehow very wrong. .

Vigil by kellychambliss. Fic.
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Filius Flitwick, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~4200
Summary: On the night after the Battle of Hogwarts, Filius and Minerva sit with Severus.
Why you should read this: I've seen this fic recced a few times around the place, and rightfully so. It's a very thoughtful, sober view of Filius Flitwick just after Severus died, and even more so, the way he sees Minerva and saw Severus. The writing is powerful and had me right from the start. Wonderful fic!
Excerpt: In life, his expression had often been tightly controlled: Severus had schooled himself in impassivity, of course, which he'd had to do given his situation as servant to several masters. Filius was as familiar with Severus's immovable granite stare as anyone.
But he'd also had plenty of opportunity to see Severus when he was more free to be himself -- in the staffroom, or at the occasional drinks party when Albus managed to compel his attendance. At those times, his face was mobile and expressive, shifting quickly from eloquent disdain to wry humour to impatience to the occasional satisfaction.

A Fountain of Unspoken Words by astardanced77. Fic.
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Harry/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Word Count; 2,215 words
Summary: Draco has a plan. He just needs one perfect moment.
Why you should read this: There's just something about this fic that got to me. It's very sweet, and I love how so much in Draco's life has been said without actually uttering the words. I also really like the parallell between Narcissa and Lily, and the way they do what it takes for their sons. A truly enjoyable read!
Excerpt: It shouldn’t work, of course. Harry is the poster-child for law-and-order, the deputy-Head Auror and ex-Saviour of the Wizarding World, and Draco is a reserved potions researcher with a decidedly dodgy background. Harry is all explosive action and charming smiles; Draco has learned the hard way to think long and hard before committing himself to anything. Harry wears his heart on his sleeve and Draco…doesn’t.

I'm so far behind at the Career Fair it's not even funny, so my recs are for the most part posted rather early. I'm still hopeful I'll catch up eventually :)

Every Step of the Way by raitala. Art.
Rating: NC-17
Career Choices: Harry: Therapist; Draco: Rentboy
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Warnings/Content Notes: Totally inappropriate abuse of the client/therapist relationship.
Summary: Draco is arrested for prostitution, but instead of being sent to Azkaban he’s put in a new rehabilitative Ministry program that requires him to go to therapy instead of jail. Harry, his therapist, is going to have his work cut out!
Medium: pencil on paper
Why I loved this: The prostitution trope isn't usually my favourite, but there are exceptions. This is definitely one of them! Fantastic art, well chosen words and a fabulous progression of... things, make this a gorgeous and very hot piece.

Paint it Red by dicta_contrion. Fic.
Rating: NC-17
Career Choices: Harry: Private Investigator; Draco: Graffiti Artist
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Warnings/Content Notes: N/A
Summary: Draco's a graffiti artist with a bone to pick. Harry's the P.I. tasked with catching him. Or, apparently, stalking him all over town, asking a lot of questions, and showing surprising artistic talent.
Word Count: 5k
Why I loved this: This is so very atmospheric and well written! I adore the language and the way Draco sees Harry.
Excerpt: I had believed for many years—it had been true, for many years—that I could detect Harry Potter from across a Quidditch Pitch, blindfolded, in a hailstorm. My sense for him was intuitive, visceral. We called it loathing then, those low sparks firing at the base of our spines, that coiled wrench in the gut. When we shared a classroom or a hallway I never failed to know where he was, how far I'd have to reach to land a jinx or a kick or strategic "accidental" elbow to the ribs.

Draco Malfoy: Toilet Supremo by who_la_hoop. Fic.
Rating: PG-13
Career Choices: Harry: gentleman of leisure; Draco: toilet salesman
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, background Ron/Hermione
Warnings/Content Notes: Uh – toilet humour? :D That is, humour about toilets, rather than – *cough* – about turds. This fic is more romantic than it sounds, I swear.
Summary: It must be a vision brought on by eating cheese sarnies too close to bedtime, Harry thinks. There's no way that Draco Malfoy can really be standing on his doorstep, calling himself a Toilet Supremo, and expecting Harry to buy not only this unlikeliest of scenarios, but also a new loo.
But no: Harry's eyes do not deceive him. Malfoy, Lord of Toilets, is really there. Which begs a very important question: what the hell is he up to, and what evil scheme is he about to unleash? Because there must be an evil scheme . . . mustn't there?
Word Count: 26K
Why I loved this: Oh my, this is so, so funny, I didn't stop giggling through most of it. It turns out to be surprisingly sweet as well, and actually rather plausible, which is impressive :) But mostly, this is super fun!
Excerpt: “Right, before I show you your options, I suppose we’d better get the necessities out of the way first. Potter – point me to the offending article,” he said expectantly.
“Offending article?” Harry said, picking up his mug of tea – at least, he hoped it was his, and not the one sullied by Malfoy – and taking an affronted swig. “I don’t have an offending article.”
But, to Harry’s dismay, Malfoy just rolled his eyes and stalked out of the living room, so Harry felt he had no option but to leap up and go after him, so the git didn’t wind up in his bedroom, raising immaculately groomed eyebrows at the socks on the floor or something equally insufferable.

The Boy and the Sleeping Prince by writcraft and phoenixacid. Fic and art.
Rating: NC-17
Career Choices: Harry: Illustrator; Draco: Writer
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, non-explicit Neville Longbottom/Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger
Warnings/Content Notes: Romance, Angst, moments of fairy tale inspired horror
Summary: Harry is miserable and tired of being an Auror, coasting through life until he’s forced to make some changes. Spurred on by his passion for drawing and working with best-selling author Draco Malfoy, Harry develops a charm which gives children a magical, interactive reading experience. But when it’s time to test the spell, the two men find themselves trapped in a nightmarish fairy tale world. Can they escape unscathed, or is Draco right in his assertions that there is no such thing as a happily ever after?
Word Count: ~25k for main story / ~1k for the fairy tale
Art Medium: Graphite
Why I loved this: This is something very unique, so many things into one piece. Fabulous, well written story, fantastic art, sweet tension, and aspects of horror. It absolutely blew me away!
Excerpt: Harry snorts and snatches back his illustrations, feeling the familiar heat and anger coil in his stomach as Malfoy continues to watch him with the same calm, all-knowing smile. “This was a stupid idea.”
“I’m sure it was.” Malfoy shrugs and another tendril of smoke curls into the air. “I’d like to hear it, nevertheless. I rescheduled a lunch to accommodate your request, the least you can do is tell me what you need.”
“A writer,” Harry blurts out before he can stop himself. “I need a writer.”

Just Pick the Right One (or Harry Potter Needs to Get a Job) by lostris_87. Fic.
Rating: NC-17
Career Choices: Harry: multiple careers; Draco: career counselor
Pairing(s): Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Warnings/Content Notes: language/swearing, office!Sex
Summary: From the moment he left the Aurors, Harry had been making an increased nuisance of himself with his new found free time. So his friends, instead of killing him and feeding him to the Manticores (plan A), decide to ask the help of a professional.
Word Count: 9900
Why I loved this: Oh, this is so much fun, and the characterizations are lovely. Harry's friends are all wonderful, and Harry is great in the way he truly doesn't see why his behaviour bothers them. And when Draco makes an entrance, things are really starting to get fun!
Excerpt: Harry looked around the empty corridor, increasingly more skeptical with every door they passed.
“Ron, mate, I'm not stupid. I know something's going on. Just tell me.”
“Haha, something going on? Why- What gave you that silly idea?” Oh god, Ron was so bad at lying that Harry was almost sorry for him. “No, no, we're just- look you just need to do me this favor and have a look at this thing for me, and you'll be out and about in no time.”

The Sun Will Come Out by momatu. Fic.
Rating: R/Mature
Career Choices: Harry: Ministry Employee; Draco: Manages the Malfoy Estate
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Warnings: No warnings
Summary: Six-year-old Scorpius Malfoy needs a teacher before he goes to Hogwarts. Several witches and wizards with the best credentials and impeccable background have been hired--then rapidly fired. Enter Harry Potter, who immediately hit its off with Scorpius. It takes a while longer for the Lord of the Manor to come around.
Word Count: 37,000
Why I loved this: This story was written for my prompt, where I asked for Harry tutoring Scorpius at the Malfoy Manor, and a Mr Rochester-ish Draco. And this story takes you on a wonderful journey where Scorpius and Teddy are fabulous, but it's Draco and his and Harry's way towards each other that really steals the show.
Excerpt: Turning to Draco, he said, “Merlin, Draco, he could be you shrunk down.”
Draco’s only answer was a curt nod of acknowledgement. If Potter thought they were going to stand here talking like old friends catching up after running into each other, he was sorely mistaken.
However, Scorpius was only too eager to talk. “Daddy and I are going on an adventure!” he chirped excitedly.

The minerva_fest is such a wonderful fest, and once I have the time to do more fic reading again, I'm looking forward to checking out the entries. Meanwhile, some gorgeous art!

A Moment of Peace by currently anonymous. Art.
Rating: G
Characters and/or Pairings: Minerva McGonagall
Summary/Description: The only time Minerva really gets any time to herself is early Sunday morning. Nothing like a good cup of coffee (or tea) and a ginger newt.
Why I loved this: The title says it best - there's such a sense of peace here. Also, there are so many fantastic details and a wonderful use of lighting. An absolute gem, gorgeous artwork.

Any Road Runs Two Ways by shimotsuki. Fic.
(4610 words | PG-13/mild profanity, intimate situations)
◦ Remus would do anything to keep the full moon from being a burden on Tonks. But there is such a thing as going too far.
Pairing: Remus/Tonks
Why I loved this: The Kaleidoscope series by shimotsuki was the first fanfiction I ever read. Well, it was the first good fanfiction I ever read. I wanted to read more about Remus, and this series does an amazing job telling us the author's version of what was going on in canon when Harry wasn't watching.
This fic takes place during DH, and shows us Remus' way of dealing with the full moon now that he's got Tonks in his life, and it shows us how Tonks won't let him get away with it. Truly lovely read!
Excerpt: She watched through the wide kitchen window as he crossed the back garden and thudded down the four stone steps to the edge of the pond. His pace was rapid—driven—but his steps were uncharacteristically clumsy, and the old path that circled the water was rough, broken by stones and willow roots. She winced each time he stumbled.
She had never felt so useless in her life.

Protecting All Others by gilpin25. Fic.
Rating & Warnings: PG; some swearing
Word Count: 5984 words
Summary: Tonks pays a visit to Grimmauld Place and finds a lot more going on than she bargained for.
Pairing: Remus/Tonks
Why I loved this: There are so many wonderful observations here, such great characterizations, and all of them presented in a language that flows so well and is a true joy to read!
Excerpt: He had such a great smile. It always started in the eyes and he always meant it.
Tonks opened her mouth to say “Wotcher,” but it didn’t quite come out. Merlin, it was so good to see him.
His expression seemed to change into something more guarded, more watchful, as he took in her and Sirius. But when he spoke it was as pleasantly as always.

On a Windswept Cliff by starfishstar. Fic.
Summary: On the cliff top where the fearsome Lord Black once stalked, an outcast man meets a big black dog, and things are not as they seem. Or: The Remus/Sirius gothic romance AU.
Characters: Remus, Sirius, Molly Weasley, Arthur Weasley, all the Weasley kids, Albus Dumbledore
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Words: ~21,000 / Chapters: 9
Rating: PG-13
Why I loved this: Harry Potter world meets Gothic Romance is a winner in my book, and this story is so charming and well told. Sirius is wonderful as the mysterious lover. The atmosphere captures the Gothic feel, and there's something very fitting about Remus and the work he does in this fic.
Excerpt: “Pleased to meet you, Remus. I’d ask what brings you to our humble corner of the country, but I suppose I already know. You’re here to keep an eye on this old place, keep it from blowing anybody up.”
“Sorry,” Remus said, not feeling sorry at all, “but do you have a reason to be here? Because, actually, this is my house and I’d like to go inside.”
The man – Sirius – laughed, a bright, sharp sound utterly unfitting to his appearance, somewhere between a dog’s bark of greeting and a wolf’s yipping at the moon.

Pursuit of a Jackalope (or Fantastic Friends and Where to Find Them by stereolightning. Fic.
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Categories: Gen, F/M
Word Count: 18,000
Summary: Teddy Lupin is sixteen and his hopeless crush on Victoire has sent him into an epic sulk. As a distraction from his romantic angst, Luna invites him to tag along on an international expedition to catalog the mysterious and magical jackalope. Together they cross the sea, travel through the Arizona desert, and encounter new people and legendary creatures, and along the way, Teddy deals with his past - the parents he lost, and the things he would have liked to know about them - with help from an unexpected direction. He also discovers that perhaps there are girls out there who are much scarier than Victoire, but that even they are not so very difficult to talk to...
A Teddy-centric fic, with a romantic b-plot about the courtship of Luna and Rolf, and lots of Remus/Tonks allusions.
Relationships: Teddy Lupin/Victoire Weasley, Luna Lovegood/Rolf Scamander
Why I loved it: This is such a wonderful, well-written and incredibly charming story. The fic has a very natural flow, all the characters come through very vividly, and I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure aspect of the story.
Excerpt: Neville felt very much in sympathy with Teddy. Neville knew what it was like to be a teenager raised by your grandmother, always a little out of sync with your peers, feeling both older and younger than everyone at the same time. Only a boy like this would show up to the first day of school with a toad, that uncoolest and most passé of pets. Perhaps there was something to what Luna had just said – that he finally looked his age.
"Want to send an owl," said Teddy. "Be right back."
Neville waited for the boy to walk out of earshot before saying, "Nothing like being sixteen with a horrible crush, is there?"
Luna looked pensive. "There are some things like it. The bite of the venomous Tahitian trumpet snail, for example, produces powerful feelings not unlike unrequited love."
Ooo, fabulous list! Oh, I still have to read The Sun Will Come Out!
I haven't posted as many times as I'd liked, so there were many entries left for this rec post :)

Lots of great stuff at Career_Fair - I always feel kinda bad when I'm reccing from fests where I'm so far behind, there are so many submissions that look amazing, and I'm sure many more could've made their way to such a list. But better with some than none, I suppose :)
Oh, gosh, thank you for the rec! I'm delighted and flattered.

I'm going to check out some of those intriguing-looking stories you recced from hp-silencio (as well as your story from that fest, of course!) ...but not until I'm finally caught up on RS Games reading. Goodness gracious, how do you manage to participate in more than one fest at a time? Just RS Games is drowning me!
You're welcome, it's very well deserved :)

It can be a bit overwhelming (there's certainly still a lot of activity going on in HP fandom :)), and I'm not keeping up on all submissions. RS-Games is a priority for me, and HP-Silencio has short entries, so it's easier to read everything :)
You're welcome - the list kept getting longer and longer, so I just put them all up there :) Though I'm certain I've missed quite a few gems from Career Fair especially!
Oh, thank you so much! :) I did lots of very surprised and very pleased blinking when I saw my own name!

I was looking at these and thinking I really didn't need to add any more to my already ridiculously lengthy reading list, but I'm going to have to. So many intriguing summaries and write ups there.:D
It's very well deserved, I love that fic :)
Haha, yes, that's the danger with looking at reccing posts - the to-read list keeps getting longer ;)
Oh, my goodness, I was not expecting to see my name when I started reading through your list! Thank you so much for the rec.

Sounds like a bunch of great stuff to read -- I'll be looking forward to checking these out. Where do you find out about these events, by the way? I'm definitely going to check out the minerva_fest in case they have another event sometime...
You're welcome! The Kaleidoscope series will always have a special place in my heart <3

I think there are a few comms that post updates about HP events. I really like the daily_snitch, I've found quite a few interesting fests and events from that comm.

minerva_fest is a really good one, sadly I haven't had the time to follow it much now. As fas as I know it'll run again next year (hopefully)! Oh, I would love to read a Minerva centric fic from you :)
Oh, I would love to read a Minerva centric fic from you :)

*looks around furtively* I do actually have one, if you're ever looking for something old to read... The Sorting, featuring Minerva and Snape on the first day of the term in DH...

I would love to have an excuse to try writing more, though!
I do actually have one, if you're ever looking for something old to read... The Sorting, featuring Minerva and Snape on the first day of the term in DH...

Oh, thank you for pointing it out to me, it sounds very interesting! Can't believe I haven't read it already.
I've kept meaning to stop back and thank you for this lovely rec! So, thank you! I'm so pleased the atmosphere worked for you! ♥