Rectober #2

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This rec post is all from rs_games :) Lots of wonderful fics and art being posted over there these days!

You Saw the Clouds Above, But I Saw the Universe by olivier_dathos (fic)
Team: Muggle
Rating: PG
Word Count: 9300
Summary: One day Remus left and when he finally came back, he no longer saw the world that Sirius did.
Why you should read this: This fic really got to me. I don't want to give the plot away, but what Remus struggles with in this AU, is such a powerful way of translating his canon issues into our world. Sirius' voice is also done very well, the way he's become cynical and how much these two meant - and still mean - to each other. And what really makes this fic so special imo, is how thought-provoking it is. I warmly recommend this whether you ship Remus/Sirius or not.
Excerpt: He found the pair of mittens Remus had given him during that winter. Sirius had purposely left his own behind at a school dance so that when they went walking Remus might reach out and hold his hands to keep them warm. And he had, even after he had bought Sirius the new mittens, he had still held his hand.
When he had left, Sirius had worn them sometimes, trying to pretend that it was Remus’ comforting warmth wrapped around his fingers. But after a while they had burned too much and he’d stopped.
The novel Remus had given him one night, wrapped in brown paper and for no particular occasion, was buried right at the bottom of the trunk. Remus had read him all but the final two chapters. Sirius had re-read that book many times, hearing Remus’ voice saying the words in his head, but he’d never been able to finish it because when he reached the last parts, he couldn’t hear Remus’ voice anymore.

Right From the Start by mutuisanimis (fic)
Team: Magic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: non-linear timeline, mild swearing
Word Count: 10635
Summary: In which the Marauders celebrate group bonding, and PoA!Remus reflects on the past.
Why you should read this: The Marauders want to make a time capsule to their future selves, and the fic moves back and forth between happy days with young, hopeful schoolboys, and Remus during his year of teaching in PoA. Remus' voice is a thing of beauty, and the story is wonderfully told, full of bittersweet moments.
Excerpt: “Remus, don’t you notice yourself getting cold?” he asked, creating little clouds of fog as he spoke in the cold air. “Look, I’ll be a dragon and warm you up!”
Remus puffed his own cloud into the space between them dismissively. “I’m always cold. This is just...slightly colder than usual. It’s fine. And wouldn’t a dragon burn me, likely as not?” But he did nothing to stop Sirius’ movements. It did feel nice to get the blood moving properly through his fingers again. And them standing together, breathing together (dragons or not), their hands moving together...it was rather surreal.
At last Sirius clapped his palms against the outside of Remus’ hands, then lifted them to cover a yawn of his own. “Come on, Remus. Let’s get to bed. I’m knackered.”
They moved more quickly, now, without the shovels, and it seemed that it was late enough for even Filch to give up prowling and go to bed. Nevertheless, they took their shoes off in the entry hall and padded up to bed in stocking feet.
When Remus was finally settled in bed, he found himself rubbing his hands together before he fell asleep. Just the two of them seemed insufficient, somehow.

Evenings, Mornings, Afternoons by ghosted (fic)
Team: Muggle
Title: Evenings, Mornings, Afternoons
Rating: R
Warnings: dangerously high caffeine content, drunken snogs, bad jokes
Word Count: 5600
Summary: Sirius is a librarian who doesn't read, Remus is a barista who prefers hot chocolate. At least they like each other. Eventually. Probably?
Why you should read this: So, so funny and sweet coffee shop!AU. The dialogue is brilliant, and this is just the perfect feelgood story from beginning to end.
Excerpt: “Tell her about your stalking then,” James said, perching on the arm of the sofa, with a hand in Lily's hair to keep himself balanced.
“Okay,” Sirius said, “So there's this bloke at the Tower, and he hates me.”
“Naturally,” James said.
“And then he came into the library the other day, and I discovered his secret real name is Remus, which is exactly the sort of stupid, terrible name...”
“Remus hates you?” Lily said suddenly. She shook her head. “Remus doesn't hate anybody! You must have really done something unforgivable.” The tea had evidently revitalised her a little, because she went so far as to sit up. “Don't tell me. Did you try to order something from the Starbucks secret menu? No, wait, did you steal the special stamp and get an illegal free coffee? I used to hate it when people did that.”
“What are you on about, woman?” Sirius demanded.
“Remus! Remus Lupin! Cute boy, quite tall, curly hair?”
“Yeah,” Sirius said, ignoring James, who was mouthing “Cute boy?” at him.

Oh, We Lost Magic by nerak_rose (fic)
Team: Magic
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~4000
Summary: The year is 1985 and Sirius, Remus, James and Lily are working as EMTs in muggle London, living seemingly normal lives...except there's really an awful lot of weird things going on.
Why you should read this: This is a very creative story and brilliantly told. It builds up this mysterious atmosphere, making you want to keep reading to solve the mystery, and all along there are lovely descriptions and wonderful characters.
Excerpt: There were times when reality seemed to stretch, stretch almost endlessly, and then it would tighten. Through the thin fabric of reality something else could be glimpsed.
"Dragons," Remus said, when the fabric snapped back.
"Elephants," Sirius said. "What?" he added, at a look from Remus. "I thought we were playing 'say a random word'."
"No, dragons," Remus repeated. "I'm sure."
Sirius gave him a long look. "Dragons."
Remus shrugged. "We're not normal people," he said. "We aren't. Normal people don't turn into wolves every month and accidentally set curtains alight with a thought, or feel reality snapping -"
"And today it's dragons?"
"What are the odds of finding any records of Chinese Fireballs in the library?" Remus rubbed his face.
Sirius shrugged. "I don't know." He nudged Remus' shoulder. "But I do know that our break is over. Come on. Let's go save lives."

The Psychopomp by epithalamium (art)
Team: Muggle
Rating: G
Word Count: 60
Summary: The world collapses. You hold it in.
Why you should see this: This is incredibly beautiful! It's also mysterious and atmospheric, and I absolutely loved it.