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Drabble: Home

Author: huldrejenta
Title: Home
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters & pairings: Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Remus/Tonks
Ratings & warnings: PG, none
Word count: 100
Summary: Some moments will change your life forever
Author's notes: Written for the 2012 Remus/Tonks holiday drabble meme hosted by shimotsuki.

”Marry me.”

The words leave his mouth before his tired mind realises what’s happening.

He cherishes the sensation of her soft hands stroking his hair, lids closed over sore eyes.

Too much of his life has been like a song he doesn't know. She rekindles the music, shows him new lyrics. Even this last year, when he hasn’t felt much like himself, the song kept playing in his heart.

Maybe it’s grief, or sheer happiness from being with her again. But the second the words are uttered out loud, he knows that nothing he’s ever said has been more true.

Aww! I always imagine Remus not actually thinking when he proposes, but simply being caught up the happiness of the moment, and this is one of those moments indeed. Nice use of the song metaphor as well, to show how Tonks has not only brought something new to his life but also given him something to hold onto.

Well done! :)
Thank you so much!
As composed as Remus is lots of the time, he also seems like a spur-of-the-moment kind of guy. And when he starts to think things through, the doubts come creeping in, poor guy. But I like to think there was a lot of happiness between the two of them, also in late HBP and early DH.

I'm glad you like the metaphor as well. I tried to show something about feeling lost and not at home in your own life, and then the contrast when things fall into place.
Aww -- I love to think of Remus being this happy, even with his grief. And I agree with gilpin25 that it's very Remus to say something like this in an unguarded moment rather than when he's actually thinking...

That's a nice metaphor, too, with the different meanings you give to the idea of a song.
Oh, thank you:)
I think there were lots of happy moments between them even now. Maybe circumstances and grief and overwhelming feelings of all sorts pushed Remus towards proposing, but I don't think he would have done it without really loving her.
Glad you think the metaphor works!
What a great little gift to find on my flist tonight! Thank you for sharing!