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I'm looking forward to this :)

To get in the mood, check out this drawing made for me by the lovely and talented dustmouth! Thank you so much again for this adorable gift ♥


There're many more drawings and sketches (including another adorable one for me of the boys dancing) on dustmouth's LJ - the post with Art Requests Answered is open, at least for now.
Always awesome stuff there.

Love the sketch and the other request fills!
(- Pops over to friend dustmouth....)
Still so excited! So many amazing people are signing up this year, it's going to be a good one for sure! WOO HOO!
Yes, I'm certain it will be a great October with plenty of fantastic fics and art to love :)
And, erm, before that, the actual process of writing something - I'm not feeling super inspired these days, but hopefully that'll change once we get the prompts and get started. Last year I had big parts of the story in my head already and just needed a prompt that fit, lol - this year, not so much ;)

I loved what you and adistantsun did last year, can't wait to see what will happen this year :D

Are you doing any H/D fests these days as well?

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Ah but maybe going in blind and just finding a prompt that really works might not be a bad way to go either?
I have faith! I'm surprised at just how many people have suddenly come forwards. Just when I think the fandom is dead... :D

Thank you, I was so lucky to get to work with someone as clever as she is. She really dead all the heavy lifting ;)

I've done a comic for smoochfest which is starting soon, not sure about anything else though? See how I go for the rest of the year. I have an idea that fanfair, which I did last year, runs at about the same time as the games? I probably won't join it if that's so. I just really want to focus on Remus and Sirius for a bit, tbh-
Are you planning on joining any?
I do hope that it'll work out that way :) Last year there were so many amazing, evocative prompts, so there should be plenty of inspiration to find!

This fandom will thrive for years and years to come :D (I hope.)
Can't wait to see the teams!

Ah, looking forward to seeing your smoochfest comic!
I'm not really sure if I'll join any H/D fests - the idea of writing that pairing does for some reason make me very nervous. Maybe it's that I feel I don't know the fandom well enough. And I fail at writing smut, haha, so there would have to be some of the tamest H/D fics out there;)
Also, I don't join a lot of fests as I'm a frustratingly slow writer. But I would like to try it some day :)